New Articles
Gert Sauer, Riyaz Rahbeeni, Mogammad Thabit Peck, Johan Blaauw, Benjamin Calitz
Guided full arch implant surgery – a novel approach using a chrome
cobalt bone reduction guide: A case report


Marthinus Johannes Coetsee Jnr and Marthinus Johannes Coetsee Snr
Unilateral Class II treatment using fixed orthodontic appliances with open coil spring, sliding hook and light Class II elastics


Anthony Mak and Andrew Chio
A full digital workflow with 3D-printed temporary restorations



Linda Greenwall and Robert Katz
Stratified layering of composite restorations after the use of orthodontic aligners


Tomislav Skrinjaric
Posterior restoration with a universal adhesive and nano-hybrid composite


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