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International Dentistry - African Edition

Vol. 12 No.5 | October/November 2022

New Articles

Andre W van Zyl and Vladimir S. Todorovic

Masterclass in Implant Dentistry: Contour augmentation with simultaneous implant placement in the aesthetic zone

Jason Smithson

Management of uncomplicated crown fractures in the permanent dentition

Johan Hartshorne

Essential guidelines for using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in dentistry. Radiation dose, risks, safety, ethical and medico-legal considerations

Kunal Rai

A class II smile makeover with clear aligners

Rachel Derby and Enikö Sztuparity

Restoring a congenitally absent lateral: an aesthetic case

David J. Clark

Treatment of the dreaded black triangle: a case report and an introduction to injection moulded composite dentistry