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Modern Dentistry Media

International Dentistry - African Edition

Vol. 11 No.6 | December 2021/January 2022

New Articles

Peet J. van der Vyver, Nicoline Potgieter
and Martin Vorster

Masterclass in Paedodontics: Resin restoration of Class II
cavity preparations on primary molars

Paul P. van Zyl

Masterclass in Prosthodontics: Occlusal bite splint therapy:
Analog and Digital workflow in full occlusal coverage bite splints

Miguel Stanley, Ana Gomes Paz, Inês Miguel
and Christian Coachman

Fully digital workflow, integrating dental scan, smile design and
CAD-CAM: A case report

Katherine Losada

A simplified approach to Class IV restorations using the
press-mould technique

Peet J. van der Vyver and Martin Vorster

Minimally invasive, conventional and large root canal system endodontics using a new Rotary File System – Part 1

Ciro Gilvetti and Andrew Osafo

Mouth cancer: Raising awareness of the other big ‘C’

Marko Jakovac and Michele Temperani

Minimally invasive prosthetic treatment with various ceramic materials

Jan H. Koch

Enhancing esthetic outcome of soft tissues around implants

Tony Rotondo and Szabolcs Hant

Esthetic results on discoloured substructures