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International Dentistry - African Edition

Vol. 12 No.6 | December 2022/January 2023

New Articles

Andre W van Zyl and Vladimir S. Todorovic

Masterclass in Implant Dentistry:
Maxillary Sinus Anatomy: Essential knowledge for
sinus floor elevation (SFE)

Peet J. van der Vyver, Martin Vorster

Masterclass in Endodontics:
The MB2 canal in Maxillary Molars - Part 1: How to locate it

Jason Smithson

Advantages of direct composite resin veneers when
masking tooth discoloration restorations

Benjamin Kurfürst

Multiple tooth aplasia - a treatment concept.
Autologous transplantation of teeth combined with
dental ceramic implants

Robert E. Grover, Kenneth S. Serota

Treatment of compromised teeth: The usual suspects

Rachel Derby and Julia Glancey

The process of the dentist and technician. A denture story