2024 Articles

Vol 14 No 1 (February/March 2024)

Andre W. van Zyl, Stephan A. van Zyl and Vladimir S. Todorovic
Butt-joint versus Morse Taper abutment-implant connections

Willie F. P. van Heerden, Liam Robinson, Andre W van Zyl and Wynand P. Dreyer
Oral Lesions – A clinical guide to pigmented oral lesions

Pieter-Jan Swerts
Treatment of generalised tooth wear with the injection moulding technique

Alexandr Bortsov and Albert Latypov
AI Virtual Tooth Extraction for immediate replacement of a failing central upper incisor

Claudio Pisacane
The potential of fibre reinforcement

Douglas A. Terry, Wesam Salha, Memo Castro and Markus B. Blatz
The injection resin technique using digital design: An interdisciplinary approach

Pedro Alexandre
Deep restoration with bioceramic cement: from the pulp floor to top of the cavity

Vol 14 No 2 (April/May 2024)

Inus Snyman, Vladimir S. Todorovic, Stephan A. van Zyl and Andre W. van Zyl
Platform Switching

Wynand P. Dreyer and Andre W. van Zyl
Oral Lesions – Burning Mouth Syndrome

Hiromi Saisho, Juan Carlos Pontons- Melo and Marcos Vargas
Direct anterior resin composite restorations: An update on esthetic techniques

Luiz Otavio Camargo, Lucio Kanashiro and Livia Lamunier de Abreu Camargo
Immediate implant placement and provisional restoration in the esthetic zone: 4-year follow-up

Shiraz Khan
Minimally invasive restorative dentistry

Filipe Amante
Clear aligner therapy: anterior open bite with fraenectomy

Jasmina Bijelic-Donova, Clara Anton Y. Otero, Pekka K. Vallittu, and Ivo Krejci
A surface-retained glass fiber- reinforced bridge with a CAD/CAM- fabricated pontic

Yuki Momma
Fabrication of a screw-retained, implant supported bridge

Avan Mohammed
Traumatic injuries in primary teeth