Vol 7 No 1 (February/March 2017)

Howard Gluckman and Jonathan Du Toit
Consecutive treatment failures of an immediate maxillary canine implant and the subsequent replacement and reconstruction of the site­­

Eduardo Mahn
Two approaches, one goal: Digital expertise versus manual skill in the fabrication of ceramic veneers

Yu-Yao Teoh, Basil Athanassiadis and Laurence J. Walsh
The influence of aqueous and PEG 400 solvent vehicles on hydroxyl ion release from calcium hydroxide medicaments

Piero Venezia and Pasquale Lacasella
Digital complete dentures­­

Ricardo Machado, Gustavo Almeida, Thâmara Silva Santos, Brunna Presmini Barbosa, Guilherme Augusto Moreira and Alberto Porto Junior
Pulp revascularisation in a traumatised and necrotic tooth­­

Itzhak Binderman, Gideon Hallel, Casap Nardy, Avinoam Yaffe and Lari Sapoznikov
A novel procedure to process extracted teeth for immediate grafting of autogenous dentin

Marko Jakovac and Michele Temperani
Minimally invasive prosthetic treatment with various ceramic materials


Vol 7 No 2 (April/May 2017)

Satnam Singh Virdee
Endodontic retreatment of a maxillary first molar ­­

Luke Hutchings
A minimally invasive approach to brown and white lesion removal

Andrew Chandrapal
Direct restorations: the last 10 years

Karsten König and Anton Kasenbacher
Thermal damage behaviour of human dental pulp stem cells

Douglas A. Terry
What other biomaterial has so many uses: Flowables


Vol 7 No 3 (June/July 2017)

Mauricio Watanabe
Minimally invasive veneer restoration with ceramic-based restorative material­­

Jan-Frederik Güth and Hans-Jürgen Stecher
Aesthetic rehabilitation and tissue preservation in the anterior region

Petra Gierthmühlen and Udo Plaster
Digitally designed and meticulously implemented: All-ceramic restorations in the upper and lower jaw after the loss of occlusal vertical dimension­­

Daniel Bäumer, Otto Zuhr, Markus Hürzeler
Surgical soft tissue improvement in the course of implant therapy­­

Kay Vietor
The Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant o2.9 mm in daily clinical practice

Gerhard Werling
Minimally invasive inlay restoration from the hybrid ceramic VITA ENAMIC­­

Gualtiero Mandelli and Carlo Borromeo
Evaluating the fit of removable dentures with magnification systems­­

Karyn M. Halpern and Bill Marais
LiSi Press monolithic crowns­­


Vol 7 No 4 (February/March 2017)

Peet van der Vyver and Martin Vorster
WaveOne® Gold reciprocating instruments: clinical application in the private practice: Part 1­­

Interview with Prof Tomas Albrektsson
A nuanced perspective on periimplantitis­­

Angelo Itri
Dentinal bridge formation: clinical results after Biodentine™ removal­­

Peter Raftery
Indispensable articaine­­

Peet van der Vyver and Martin Vorster
WaveOne® Gold reciprocating instruments: clinical application in the private practice: Part 2­­

Andreas Kurbad
VITA IMPLANT SOLUTIONS: the implant prosthetic restoration concept­­

Rory McEnhill
Single upper arch restoration using digital smile design­­


Vol 7 No 5 (October/November 2017)

Tihana Milic and Laurence J. Walsh
The practical application of protective stainless steel bands and wedges for prevention of iatrogenic damage during Class II cavity preparations

Peet van der Vyver and Martin Vorster
WaveOne® Gold reciprocating instruments: clinical application in the private practice: Part 3

Hans Jürgen Lange
Digital composite bridges of VITA YZ and VITA ENAMIC

Tihana Milic, Megan Valentine, Sowmya Shetty, Laurence J. Walsh
Analysis of dental clinicians’ ability to detect iatrogenic damage, and the possibility of using a low viscosity nano-filled resin to protect damaged surfaces

Avish J. Jagathpal, Ashana Harryparsad, Rajesh Doolabh and Benjamin F. Calitz
Mechanically-retained facial prosthesis for a large defect following Cancrum Oris: a clinical report

Despoina Chatzistavrianou, Shakeel Shahdad and Philip Taylor
The era of monolithic translucent zirconia

André Callegari
Immediate placement in the esthetic zone followed by a final restoration. A clinical case report

Roberto Carlos Tello Torres
A reliable method for cementing ceramic veneers


Vol 7 No 6 (December 2017/January 2018)

Cyril Gaillard and Jérôme Bellamy
From digital planning to the mock-up and final restoration

Peet van der Vyver and Martin Vorster
New clinical innovations to ensure predictable Class II posterior composite resin restorations

A panel discussion with Howard Strassler, Joe Oxman and Frederick Rueggeberg
What should you look for in a curing light?

Sebastian Horvath
Composite or ceramic? A systematic classification of indirect tooth shade materials

Urs Belser, German Gallucci, Kelvin Afrashtehbar, Daniel Buser
Prosthetically driven techniques to compensate peri-implant soft tissue deficiencies

Richard Price
Consensus statements on bulk fill resin composites

Richard Field
Introduction to clinical digital photography