November/December 2013

Peter Fairbairn and Sharon Stern
Multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of traumatic root fracture: a case study


Eduardo Mahn and Christian Coachman
Smile design with composites: a case study


V Banu, Sham Kishor Kanneppady, R. L Anusha
Mucocele of the glands of Blandin–Nuhn


An interview with Dr. Paul Fugazzotto
“Roxolid® is one of the most significant advances in the last 20 years”


Peet van der Vyver and Farzana Paleker

Clinical management of complex mandibular first molars with CBCT, ProTaper Next and GuttaCore




September/October 2013

Peet van der Vyver

The WaveOne reciprocating endodontic system


Marlúcio de Oliveira

Aesthetic cosmetic restoration in a case of tooth fusion in the maxillary anterior region


Mathieu Fillion and Dominique Aubazac

Roxolid®: a material for new strategies in oral implantology


Michael Dieter

Beautiful, strong and fast: the next level of posterior composite restorations

Peter Schüpbach

The peri-implant mucosa – sanguine dreams and harsh reality


Ken Hargreaves

An interview with Professor Ken Hargreaves
Managing acute dental pain emergencies


Stanley F. Malamed

Modern dental pain control



July/August 2013

Didier Dietschi

Free-hand bonding: the ultimate treatment modality to enhance smiles in young patients


Albert Barroso

Placement and temporization with a Straumann® Bone Level Implant after a horizontal tooth fracture in the esthetic zone


Markus Lenhard

Placing bulk-fill composites in the creation of esthetic posterior restorations


Lira Rahman, Jacobus Hercules van den Heever, Andre W. van Zyl

The application of guided dental implant surgery in prevention of inferior alveolar nerve damage in a patient with compromised bone


Andre W. van Zyl

University of Pretoria School of Dentistry – Africa’s first ITI Center of Excellence and Scholarship Center


Carine Tabarani, Raffaele Volpi, Fawzi Riachi

Guidelines for treatment of bisphosphonateinduced avascular osteochemonecrosis of the jaws: A comparative literature review and 2 case reports


Linda Greenwall

White lesion eradication using resin infiltration




May/June 2013

Eduardo Mahn

Dental Photography. Part II Protocol for shade taking and communication with the lab


Gyula Marada

Minimally invasive treatment on a stable basis


Steffen Mickenautsch, Veerasamy Yengopal

Retention loss of resin based fissure sealants – a valid predictor for clinical outcome?


Victor-Osho Oyeyemi, Isiekwe Michael, daCosta Oluranti

Bolton tooth size analysis in a sample of Nigerian adolescents


Fernando Manfroi, Yunus Sert

Harmoniously integrated


Rabih Abi Nader, Carine Tabarani

Socket preservation in the daily practice: A clinical case report


Josselin Lethuillier, Sébastien Felenc, Philippe Bousquet

Multidisciplinary treatment planning for patients with severe periodontal disease


Thett Nyunt, Katherine George, Harpal Chana, and Graham Smith

Dental rehabilitation of a six-year-old boy with a rare tumour of the mandible



March/April 2013

Navid Saberi

CBCT within endodontics: an introduction


Jürgen Manhart

The use of composite combinations in posterior teeth


Suheel Manzoor Baba, Rafi Ahmad Togoo, Shabina Shafi

Dental amalgam – environmental issues and their solution


Andres Stricker and Jonathan Fleiner

Sinus lift with Straumann® BoneCeramic: clinical treatment and histological results


Oliver Brix and Sergey Chikunov

A route to esthetics


Carine Tabarani, Fawzi Riachi, Sophie Lejeune

Intralesional biological glue, a new perspective for prevention of bisphosphonate induced osteochemonecrosis of the jaw


Steven Lewis

Redefining the gold standard


Sergej Starchiy

Achieving a synergistic effect: Rehabilitation of an edentulous patient with partially removable, implant-supported zirconium oxide bridges


Deepa B. Benni and Dhirendra Sirur

Gingival cyst of newborn: A case report


January/February 2013

Brian Lesage

Are you treating planned cases or treating teeth to stay busy?


Eduardo Mahn

Clinical digital photography. Part 1: Equipment and basic documentation


Chandur Wadhwani, Alfonso Piñeyro

Implant cementation, step by step


Ali A Razooki Al-Shekhli, Hasanain H. Al-Khfaji

Sorption and solubility of different light-activated composites


douglas A. Terry

What other biomaterial has so many uses: Flowables


Muhammed H. Abram, Andre W. van Zyl

Autogenous bone blocks and dental implant placement to reconstruct a large volume hard tissue defect following a grinding disc injury: A case report


Daniel van Steenberghe

Experts seek keys to marginal bone maintenance