November/December 2012

Pierre Machtou
Apical seal versus coronal seal

Carine Tabarani Raffaele Volpi, Fawzi Riachi
Bisphosphonates-induced osteochemonecrosis of the jaw: A clinical and radiological presentation of evolution and prognosis

Szabolcs Hant
Veneer restorations layered onto pressed ceramic substrates

Massimo Amato, Paola Carratù, Gianrico Spagnuolo, Bruna Borelli, Roberto Sorrentino

In-office and walking bleach treatment of non-vital teeth with 10% carbamide peroxide: a 21-year retrospective evaluation


Jonathan Du Toit, Naren Patel, Victor Montalli, Sameer Jain

Aesthetic treatment of severely fluorosed teeth with prefabricated composite veneers: a case report


Daniel Edelhoff, Björn Maier, Hela Ihloff

Esthetic reconstruction of a transplanted premolar tooth


Massimo Amato, Paola Carratù, Giuseppe Pantaleo, Bruna Borelli, Roberto Sorrentino

Effects of the combined action of a desensitizing gel and toothpaste on dentin hypersensitivity due to dental bleaching



September/October 2012

Tiziano Testori

Maxillary sinus surgery: Anatomy and advanced diagnostic imaging


Michael Dieter

Closing multiple diastemata – a minimally-invasive approach


Pedro Paulo de Andrade Santos, Keila Martha Amorim Barroso, Lélia Batista de Souza, Márcia Cristina da Costa Miguel, Éricka Janine Dantas da Silveira 

Odontomas: Clinicopathologic study of 104 cases and a case report of compound odontoma associated in an unerupted maxillary central incisor in a child


David L Cochran

The future is very promising for biologic materials to regenerate the periodontal tissues. An interview with Dr David Cochran


Irina K. Lutskaya, Natalia V. Novak, Valery P. Kavetsky

Fluorescence of dental hard tissue and restorative materials



July/August 2012

Dale A. Miles

The agony and ecstasy of buying cone beam technology Part 2: The Ecstasy


Andries A Grundlingh and Naren Patel

Direct composite full mouth rehabilitation in a patient with Junctional Epidermolysis bullosa: A case report


Siobhan Owen, David Reaney, Philip Newsome

The clinical-laboratory interface: occlusal records


Douglas Terry, Mark Stankewitz

Simplifying composite placement in the interproximal zone


Jan Hajtó, Stefan Frei

All- ceramic crowns on endodontically treated central incisors


Christian Coachman

Insights from an educator who is both dentist and ceramist. An interview with Dr. Christian Coachman


Hans Geiselhöringer and Stefan Holst

Screw- or Cement-Retained Restorations


Ulf Krueger-Janson

How to build up the perfect tooth



May/June 2012

Christian Coachman, Eric Van Dooren

An integrated cosmetic treatment plan: soft tissue management and metal-free restoration


Costin Marinescu

CAD/CAM restorative principles


Carine Tabarani and Fawzi Riachi

Oral lipoma revisited: A case report


Ambrose Chan

Laser technology changes dentistry and patient’s experience


Manuel Neves, André Correia, Zsolt Kovacs

Rehabilitation of an atrophic maxilla with Straumann® Bone Level implants and Straumann® BoneCeramic


Eduardo Mahn, Volker Brosch

The pros and cons. A smile make-over – without any tooth preparation


Bernard Touati, Gerard Guez

Immediate implantation with provisionalization: From literature to clinical implications


Willie Fourie

Aesthetic Restoration on misaligned dental implants



March/April 2012

Robert A. Lowe

Dental cements: an overview


Dale A. Miles

The agony and ecstasy of buying cone beam technology Part 1: The Ecstasy


Giovanni Molina Lugo, Francisco Paul Curiel Aguilera, Carlos A Ramirez Schleske

Generation fifty plus: Restoring a natural smile


Trent W Smallwood

Veneers integrated with Invisalign – a contemporary restorative option


Till Dammaschke

A new bioactive cement for direct pulp capping


Frank Bröseler

Treatment of a dehiscence-type defect around a dental implant with a biodegradable membrane


Ghassan Yared

Canal preparation using one reciprocating instrument without prior hand filing: A new concept



January/February 2012

Peet van der Vyver

New clinical innovations and the benefit
of magnification to ensure predictable posterior composite restorations – Part 2


Lyndon Cooper

Direct ceramic restoration using digital technologies


Julian Webber, Pierre Machtou, Wilhelm Pertot, Sergio Kuttler and John West

The WaveOne single-file reciprocating system


Hien Ngo, Kim Seow

Two compliance-free and site-specific caries control techniques: pre-fissure and proximal sealants


Laurence J. Walsh

Clinical aspects of salivary biology for the dental clinician


Pieter van Heerden

Treatment concepts for socket grafting


Justin Glastier

Temperomandibular dysfunction and systemic distress


Tejraj Kale, Shankargowda Patil, Akhilesh Verma, Sidharamesh Muttagi

Bilateral maxillary premolar impaction – reporting a rare case