November/December 2011

Peet van der Vyver
New clinical innovations and the benefit of magnification to ensure predictable posterior composite restorations – Part 1


Corbin G. Partridge, Brent T. Garrison
Immediate full mouth restoration using implant-supported fixed hybrid prosthetics


Osvaldo Magro Filho, Heloisa Fonseca Marão, Thallita Pereira Queiroz, Pedro Ivo dos Santos Silva, Robson Henrique Reis, Sônia Regina únior
Reconstruction of the anterior wall of the frontal sinus using bovine bone matrix. Histological study


Peter K. Moy
ISQ: What is it and how to use it in implant dentistry to improve clinical outcomes


Raffaele Paragliola, Vittorio Franco, Cristiano Fabiani, Luciano Giardino, Flavio Palazzi, Nicoletta Chieffi, Hani F. Ounsi, Simone Grandini
Comparison of smear layer removal using four final-rinse protocols


September/October 2011

Daniel Edelhoff, Oliver Brix and Josef Schweiger
Restoration of teeth using lithium disilicate glass-ceramics in a patient with Dentinogenesis Imperfecta


Philipp von der Osten
Complete maxillary restoration with industrially milled custom abutments


Peet van der Vyver
The Self-Adjusting File: case reports


William H Liebenberg
Intracoronal bleaching of pulpless discolored lower incisors


Daniel Edelhoff and Oliver Brix
Restoring severely discoloured anterior teeth using minimally invasive procedures


Dominique Martin
Removal of a fractured instrument with a new extractor: clinical cases


Marcos Vargas
A step-by-step approach to a diastema closure – a dual-purpose technique that manages black triangles


Siobhan Owen, David Reaney and Philip Newsome
Finishing and polishing porcelain surfaces chairside


July/August 2011

Roberto Sorrentino, Bruna Borelli, Enrico Costagliola, Giorgio De Simone, Fernando Zarone
Treatment of oral lesions due to removable prostheses


Pär-Olov Östman
Using immediate implant placement to address aesthetic and biomechanical challenges: A clinical presentation


Andrew McDonnell and Philip Newsome
Using digital photography to enhance your practice


Douglas A. Terry, Karl F. Leinfelder, Markus B. Blatz
A comparison of advanced resin monomer technologies


Benjamin Votteler
On target with more brightness


Tony Druttman
The influence of sensor size and orientation on image quality in intra-oral periapical radiography


Arturo Martos Fosela
The fitting of five implants in the maxillary anterior sextant, using an immediate loading protocol


Karthik Venkataraghavan, Anantharaj Athimuthu, Praveen Prasanna, Prathibha Rani Shankarappa, Jaya Agali Ramachandra
Twin mesiodens in the maxillary arch causing difficulty in speech: A case report


Simone Grandini, Giulio Pavolucci, Giovanni Franciosi
Adhesive aesthetic restorations: a case report


May/June 2011

Frank YW Yung
The use of an Er:YAG laser in periodontal surgery


Fred S. Margolis
Flowable composites: Aesthetics for tots and teens


Oliver Morhofer, Bernd Kobus
A lasting connection: Esthetic implant-borne single-tooth restorations. Part 1


Oliver Morhofer, Bernd Kobus
A lasting connection: Esthetic implant-borne single-tooth restorations. Part 2


Claudio Maranhão Pereira, Maria Elvira Pizzigatti Corrêa, Patrícia Freire Gasparetto
Oral osteonecrosis induced by drugs in a multiple myeloma patient


Jason Smithson, Philip Newsome, David Reaney, Siobhan Owen
Direct or indirect restorations?


Manal Farea, Adam Husein, Cornelis H Pameijer
Endodontic perforation repair with light-cured glass ionomer


William C Martin, Emma Lewis, Dean Morton
Planning for esthetics – Part II: Adjacent implant restorations



March/April 2011

Peet van der Vyver
Creating a glide path for rotary NiTi instruments: Part one and Part two


William C Martin, Dean Morton, James D Ruskin
Planning for esthetics – Part 1: single tooth bone level implant restorations


Crispian Scully
Oral medicine for the general practitioner: red, white and coloured lesions


Pablo Fos, Leopoldo Forner, Carmen Llena, Arturo Anadón
Analysis of clarithromycin in dental pulp with and without inflammation


Gabriel Krastl
Composite resin – the material of choice


Crispian Scully
Oral medicine for the general practitioner: lumps and swellings


Stephen Phelan, Harald Heindl
Conservatively placed veneers to correct a diastema


Douglas A. Terry, John Powers, Stefan Paul
Immediate dentine sealing technique



January/February 2011

Philip Newsome, Siobhan Owen, David Reaney
Clinical quandaries: Strategies for dealing with space closure following the loss of a central incisor


Lyndon Cooper, Arnold Rosen, Ibrahim Duqum
Implant-supported overdenture options for the edentulous patient


Crispian Scully
Oral medicine for the General Practitioner: pain


Tiziano Testori
Clinical factors related to implant stability


Ronnie van Eeden, Peter van der Meulen, Wynand van der Linden
Optimum restoration of esthetics, function and phonetics with full arch maxillary and mandibular Procera® implant bridges in titanium utilising Procera® zirconia crowns


John C Schwartz
Performance esthetics from a high-strength material – the versatility of lithium disilicate


Massimo Pedrinazzi
Treatment of Edentulous Patient with Two Roxolid® Soft Tissue Level Implants


L. Stephen Buchanan
Endodontic Treatment Planning in the Fourth Dimension


George Priest
Treatment of edentulous patients with SR Phonares®


Paul Tipton
Advanced restorative techniques and the full mouth reconstruction: the use of gold copings in bridgework