2023 Articles

Vol 13 No 1 (February/March 2023)

Vladimir S. Todorovic, Inus Snyman and Andre W. van Zyl
Lateral window Sinus Floor Elevation technique

Marleen Peumans, David Geštakovski, Jacopo Mattiussi and Kostas Karagiannopoulos
Injection moulding technique with injectable composites: quick fix or long-lasting solution?

Corneliu Gherasim
Intentional replantation

Johan Hartshorne

Practicing safe prescribing in dental practice: Medico-legal, ethical, and professional considerations

Paula Corvello
Guided One-stage and Two-stage implant placement in the anterior zone: a 3-year follow-up

Shiraz Khan
Conservative smile makeover using resin infiltration and microabrasion

Surina Sehgal
Medically compromised and vulnerable mouths

Vol 13 No 5 (October/November 2023)

Andre W. van Zyl
Oral Cancer – Clinical variants of importance

Vladimir S. Todorovic and Andre W. van Zyl
Transcrestal Sinus Floor Elevation

Falk Schwendicke
Amalgam: Gone for good?

Ethics – Johan Hartshorne
Preventing adverse events (AE’s) and promoting safer outcomes for patients in dentistry

Andre Chen
Guided 4-unit ceramic rehabilitation over two ceramic implants

Marcelo Balsamo
89 % nanofilled composite for aesthetic fillings in posterior region

Mauricio Umeno Watanabe
Minimally invasive reconstruction of anterior teeth – A combination of 3D printing, press technique and adhesive bonding


Vol 13 No 6 (December 2023/January 2024)

Willie F. P. van Heerden, Andre W. van Zyl and Wynand P. Dreyer
Oral Cancer – A Clinical Update

Vladimir S. Todorovic and Andre W. van Zyl
Two stage implant placement: Exposure and management of soft tissues for optimal aesthetics and function

Vladislav Dvoyris
Artificial intelligence as a day-to-day diagnostic aid in the dental practice

Marco Simonetti, Benedetta Gori, Dario Marzocco, Marco Broglio and Giuseppe Teani
Post-endodontic hybrid ceramic restoration

Ethics – Johan Hartshorne
Polypharmacy, artificial intelligence (AI) and rational medication prescribing – The new frontier

Laura Ceballos García, Roland Frankenberger, Ivo Krejci and Marleen Peumans
Going universal – adhesives in the dental clinic