Vol 13 No 1 (February/March 2023)

Vladimir S. Todorovic, Inus Snyman and Andre W. van Zyl
Lateral window Sinus Floor Elevation technique

Marleen Peumans, David GeŇ°takovski, Jacopo Mattiussi and Kostas Karagiannopoulos
Injection moulding technique with injectable composites: quick fix or long-lasting solution?

Corneliu Gherasim
Intentional replantation

Johan Hartshorne

Practicing safe prescribing in dental practice: Medico-legal, ethical, and professional considerations

Paula Corvello
Guided One-stage and Two-stage implant placement in the anterior zone: a 3-year follow-up

Shiraz Khan
Conservative smile makeover using resin infiltration and microabrasion

Surina Sehgal
Medically compromised and vulnerable mouths