Vol 11 No 1 (February/March 2021)

Anthony Mak and Andrew Chio
Class IV restoration with direct composite resin: A case study utilising the layering-stratification technique with a novel composite system

Louis Mackenzie
Silver diamine fluoride: a practical guide

Johan Hartshorne and Andre van Zyl
COVID-19 risk management in dental practice Part 2: The infection chain pathway of SARSCoV-2

André W van Zyl and Inus Snyman
Aesthetic two stage crown lengthening for altered passive eruption: A 25-year case report and review

Andrea Klink, Fabian Hüttig and Martin Groten
All-ceramic single-tooth restorations for treating damaged dental enamel: Long-term results in patients with and without amelogenesis imperfecta

Elizabeth Meyer
Stress, burnout, substance abuse and impairment amongst members of the dental profession


Vol 11 No 2 (April/May 2021)

Andre W van Zyl and Johan Hartshorne
Masterclass in Implant Dentistry: Anatomic implant impression technique: Transferring soft tissue contour to the lab

Peet van der Vyver and Martin Vorster
Masterclass in Endodontics: Identification and management of Radix Entomolaris

Bart Iwasiuk
Class II orthodontic treatment of a growing patient using aligner treatment with mandibular advancement

Johan Hartshorne and Andre van Zyl
COVID-19 risk management in dental practice. Part 3: Are dental healthcare workers at greater risk of COVID-19 than other health professionals or general population?

Gary Bloomfield
Maximizing efficiency using 3M impression products

Troy Schmedding
Anterior matrix systems – essential to provide proper anatomical form and function to restorations

Jenaniy Jeyakumar, Anton Sculean, Sigrun Eick
Anti-biofilm activity of oral healthcare products containing chlorhexidine digluconate and Citrox®


Vol 11 No 3 (June/July 2021)

Andre W van Zyl and Michael Lazarevic
Masterclass in Implant Dentistry:Salvaging an incorrectly placed implant in a cost-effective way

Peet van der Vyver, Martin Vorster and Nicoline Potgieter
Masterclass in Endodontics: How to close an open apex with MTA

Andrew Wallace
Predictable tooth whitening outcomes

Mario Roccuzzo
Immediate placement of a new fully tapered tissue level implant

Johan Hartshorne and Andre van Zyl
COVID-19 risk management in dental practice. Part 4: The 10 pillars of SARS-CoV-2 control in clinical dental practice

Sean Holliday
Teen orthodontic treatment with clear aligners