Vol 8 No 1 (February/March 2018)

Nika Vafaei and Carlo Ferretti
Intraosseous cavernous haemangioma of the nasal bone: A case report and literature review­­

Eduardo Mahn and Juan Pablo Sánchez
New materials for a classic indication

Professor Andre van Zyl
Reflections on a successful tenure at The University of Pretoria

Julián Conejo
CAD/CAM implant prosthetic: Implant-supported crown restoration made of hybrid ceramics

Linda Greenwall and Robert Katz
Stratified layering of composite restorations after the use of orthodontic aligners

Stefen Koubi and Gérald Ubassy
Guided concept in the esthetic zone – a review of the surgical and prosthetic considerations

Maciej Zarow
Contraindicated internal bleaching – what to do?

Yassine Harichane
The mock-up: your everyday tool


Vol 8 No 2 (April/May 2018)
Michael Kristensen
Application of the Straumann® BLT Ø 2.9 mm implant in a narrow interdental space

Irfêo Saraiva de Camargo
Perfect provisional restorations

Interview with Marco Gadola

Cornelis H Pameijer and Osvaldo Zmener
Adhesive dentistry meets restorative dentistry and endodontics – part one

Kamal Suri
Managing the failing dentition

Tif Qureshi
A quick, durable smile makeover

Carsten Fischer
Press for success using an extraordinary combination of strength and aesthetics

Carola Wohlgenannt
Achieving more with less


Vol 8 No 3 (June/July 2018)
Juergen Manhart and Hubert Schenk
Anterior full ceramic crown after a complicated crown fracture of the natural tooth

Akila S. Vithanage, Roy George, Laurence J Walsh
Misadventure and accidents in endodontics: An Australian perspective

Julia Bühler
Step by step from blank to inlay

Peter Raftery
Clinical opinion – modern dental anaesthesia

Javier Tapia Guadix
Near-UV light detection

Rhoodie Garrana and Govindrau Mohangi
Replacement of a congenitally missing lateral incisor in the maxillary anterior aesthetic zone using a narrow diameter implant: A case report

Johan Hartshorne
Essential guidelines for using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in implant dentistry. Part 1: Technical considerations

Casper H Jonker
Negotiation of an S-curved root canal using an EDM machined CM instrument: A case report

Clarence Tam
Predictable complex composite restoration


Vol 8 No 4 (August/September 2018)

Gianfranco Roselli
Paradigm shift in composite restorations: The extraoral chairside technique

Peet J. van der Vyver, Farzana Paleker and Martin Vorster
3D software, glide path management and gold-wire instruments: Setting the stage for treating complex root canal anatomy

Barry Oulton
The comfortable dental injection technique

Tomas Linkevičius
Is zero bone loss a possibility when placing implants?

Johan Hartshorne
Essential guidelines for using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in implant dentistry. Part 2: Clinical considerations

Phillip Garrett, Kyle Trobough, Ryushiro Sugita and Anna Pitz
Fully edentulous treatment with digital planning and guided surgery to achieve the optimum restoratively driven outcome

Osvaldo Zmener and Cornelis H Pameijer
Adhesive dentistry meets restorative dentistry and endodontics – part two

Mark Wertheimer
Pursuit of excellence: A forgotten quest?


Vol 8 No 5 (October/November 2018)

Casper H Jonker and Carel (Boela) van der Merwe
Removal of fractured endodontic instruments: A report of two cases

Sebastian Stavar
Predictable horizontal ridge augmentation and soft tissue thickening using an allogenic bone strut and a porcine collagen membrane

Johan Hartshorne
Essential guidelines for using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in implant dentistry. Part 3: Radiation dose, risks, safety, ethical and medico-legal considerations

Eduardo Mahn
Efficiency and esthetics in the posterior region with bulk-fill composites: Current trends and future options

Johan Christian Julyan and Marius Coetsee
Class II Division 1 treatment using a two-phase approach – a case report

Walter Denner
Successful outcome following trauma

Bastian Wagner
Using power to achieve brightness

Andreas Kurbad
Gold standard for chairside restorations


Vol 8 No 6 (December/January 2019)

Pascal Magne
Adhesion, biomaterials, and CAD/CAM

Riaan Mulder
Systemic fluoride supplementation in South Africa – updated guidelines for practitioners

Andoni Jones
Rehabilitation of an atrophic maxilla

Hamed Karkehabadi, Ricardo Machado and Lucas da Fonseca Roberti Garcia
Mandibular first molar with four canals in the mesial root

Karim Dada, Léon Pariente, Marwan Daas and Julien Montenero
Immediate placement and restoration of a new innovative fully-tapered implant replacing central and lateral incisors: A clinical case report

Richard Field
Treating white discolouration on upper front teeth: a case report

Stefan M. Roozen
All ceramic restorations on discoloured preps

Johannes Beiter
Indirect procedures in the dental workflow: A clinical case report