January/February 2015

Howard Gluckman and Jonathan Du Toit
The management of recession midfacial to immediately placed implants in the aesthetic zone

Michael Dieter
Direct veneers in anterior smile design

Crispian Scully
Making sense of mouth ulceration: part five

Crispian Scully
Making sense of mouth ulceration: part six

Linda Greenwall
Therapeutic Aesthetics

Gil Tirlet, Hélène Crescenzo, Didier Crescenzo
Different restorations, same material

Johan Hartshorne
Should I incorporate a cantilever extension on an implant-supported fixed dental prosthesis (FDP) or not?

Adrian Kasaj
Treatment of multiple recessions with a modified coronally advanced flap

Douglas Terry and John Powers
Using injectable resin composite: part one

Douglas Terry and John Powers
Using injectable resin composite: part two


March/April 2015

Marga Ree
Vital pulp therapy with Biodentine™ in two immature, traumatized teeth

Yasmin Buchaeckert
Paving the way for a patient-friendly, minimally invasive approach in alveolar ridge augmentation

Richard Bassed
Forensic odontology – broader than just identification

Johan Hartshorne
Is implant placement a risk in patients with increased susceptibility to periodontitis?

Michael L. Young
A minimally invasive approach according to biomechanical principles of teeth

Howard Gluckman, Jonathan Du Toit
Reconstruction of a single-tooth traumatic defect in the anterior maxilla using the Khoury bone plate graft.


May/June 2015

Howard Gluckman, Jonathan Du Toit, Maurice Salama
The socket-shield technique to support the buccofacial tissues at immediate implant placement

Enrico Agliardi, Enrico Gherlone, Davide Romeo
High-tech restorations in four hours

Scott D. Ganz
3-D Virtual planning concepts: Maxillary implant supported removable or fixed prostheses

Johan Hartshorne
Does bruxism contribute to dental implant failure?

Masayuki Okawa, Shigeo Kataoka
Five patient cases – one concept

Giulio Rasperini, Giorgio Pagni
Periodontal tissue repair in the ­aesthetic zone

Gregori M. Kurtzman
Restoration of endodontic teeth: An engineering perspective


July/August 2015

Edward A. McLaren and Lee Culp
Smile analysis and photoshop smile design technique

Sepehr Zarrine
Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant (BLT). The BLT’s contribution to primary stability and osseointegration in damaged esthetic areas

Crispian Scully
Making sense of mouth ulceration: part seven

Johan Hartshorne
Is oral bisphosphonate therapy a risk factor for implant failure?

Alejandro Lanis and Orlando Álvarez del Canto
Shortening guided surgical implant times based on a combination of CBCT and digital surface scanners

Carlos E. Nemcovsky
20-year follow-up of a bony defect

Howard Gluckman, Jonathan Du Toit, Maurice Salama
Guided bone regeneration of a fenestration complication at immediate implant placement simultaneous to the socket-shield technique


September/October 2015

William H Liebenberg
Intracoronal bleaching of pulpless discolored lower incisors

Jan Kersting, Alexander Miranskij
Minimally invasive restoration of abraded dentition according to functional and esthetic aspects

Johan Hartshorne
Predictors of implant loss with rehabilitation of edentulous jaws with implant-assisted complete prostheses

John Rhodes
Non-surgical retreatment of a central incisor following dental trauma

Sergio Piano
Immediate implant-supported full arch reconstruction of both jaws

Carsten Fischer
Natural-looking imitation of pink esthetics

Jonathan Du Toit, Howard Gluckman, Maurice Salama
Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF): a growth factor-rich biomaterial. Part 1 – the platelet concentrates milieu & review of the literature


November/December 2015

Leendert Boksman, Gary Glassman
Rationale for the suggested use of fibre post segments in composite core build-ups for endodontically treated teeth

Cristian Petri
Implant-prosthetic restorations – the challenge of creating an aesthetically pleasing smile in an edentulous patient

Johan Hartshorne
How successful and predictable are implants placed with flapless guided surgery in fully edentulous rehabilitations?

Nika Vafaei, Carlo Ferretti
Achieving predictable outcomes of mandibular reconstruction with virtual treatment planning

Algirdas Puišys
Mucosal tissue thickening around bone-level implants

Fernando Muñoz Ayón, Jorge Paredes Vieyra, Victor Manuel de la Torre Martínez
Non-surgical endodontic retreatment of extensive periapical lesion

Crispian Scully
Making sense of mouth ulceration: ulceration of local cause