Vol 9 No 1 (February/March 2019)

Peet J. van der Vyver and Martin Vorster
Clinical application of crosslinked gutta-percha core obturators­­

Antonio J. Flichy
Palatal implant placement, crestal sinus lift and palatal bone regeneration in a severely atrophic maxilla – nine years of follow-up

Carlos Andres Villavicencio-Espinoza, Mayara Hana Narimatsu and Adilson Y Furuse
Using cross-polarised photography as a guide for selecting resin composite shade

Aiham Farah and Anas Aloum
A skilful combination of CAD/CAM and manual work

Manal Farea, Adam Husein and Cornelis H Pameijer
Furcation perforation: current approaches and future perspectives

Mauricio Umeno Watanabe
Minimally invasive reconstruction of anterior teeth – A combination of 3D printing, press technique and adhesive bonding


Vol 9 No 2 (April/May 2019)

Orcan Yüksel 
Horizontal ridge augmentation and implantation in the mandible using a customized allogenic bone block with a newly designed implant system 

Cristian Petri 
Implant-prosthetic restorations – the challenge of creating an aesthetically pleasing smile in an edentulous patient 

Fernando Muñoz Ayón, Jorge Paredes Vieyra and Victor Manuel de la Torre Martínez 
Non-surgical endodontic retreatment of extensive periapical lesion 

Stefan Koubi 
The no prep approach: when and how? 

Peet J. van der Vyver and Martin Vorster 
Illustration of the different clinical applications of a nano-ceramic composite: A pictorial essay 

Amit Patel and Tanvi Bagtharia 
Minimally invasive treatment of the single dark tooth with vital bleaching 

Sanzio Marques 
Restoration of occlusal cavities in the posterior dentition using an ormocer- based material 

Bernhild-Elke Stamnitz 
Scan perfectly with a novel intraoral scanner, and gain time for what is really important: your patients 

Erwin Eitler 
Removable prosthetics as high-quality restorative treatment in the edentulous patient 


Vol 9 No 3 (June/July 2019)

Jürgen Manhart
Cusp replacement with an extensive posterior direct restoration using a nanohybrid bulk-fill ormocer

Louwrens Swart and Paul Van Zyl
1-Tooth 1-Time technique: State-of-the-Art Implant Dentistry

Peet J. van der Vyver, Greg Flint and Martin Vorster
A pictorial essay illustrating the root to crown concept using a single-file preparation system and CAD/CAM technology

Ramona Buser, Qin Yue, Patrick Zimmermann, Valerie G. A. Suter, Samir Abou-Ayash, Martin Schimmel
Prosthodontic solutions for elderly patients

Hyun-Jun Jung and Kyung-Sik Park
Short cut in the digital fast track

Ali Salehi
Injection moulding with composite to obtain a predictable aesthetic outcome

Jordi Manauta
Active care bleach: infiltrate and restore


Vol 9 No 4 (August/September 2019)

Peet J. van der Vyver, Martin Vorster, Ove A. Peters
Minimally invasive endodontics using a new single-file rotary system

Jürgen Manhart
Direct cusp replacement in the molar region using a thermoviscous bulk-fill composite restorative material – a clinical case report

Luis Cuadrado de Vicente, Cristina Cuadrado Canals, Andrea Sánchez Becerra, Luis Cuadrado Canals Glass ionomers: the material of choice in paediatric dentistry?

Florin Cofar and Eric van Dooren
Preoperative digital planning

Nikhil Sethi
Lasers in dentistry: gingivectomy by diode laser

Thomas Trentesaux, Caroline Leverd, Mathilde Laumaille, Marion Jayet, Caroline Delfosse
Glass ionomers: the material of choice in paediatric dentistry?

Thomas Sealey
Alignment of anterior teeth before minimally invasive veneers to treat microdontic laterals

Andreas Kurbad
Scan perfectly with a novel intraoral scanner, and gain time for what is really important: your patients


Vol 9 No 5 (October/November 2019)

Márk Fráter and András Forster
New generation short fibre-reinforced composite restorations of the posterior dentition

Hidetaka Sasaki
Easy and efficient: Composite resin blocks for the CAD/CAM technique

Shiraz Khan
Conservative smile makeover using resin infiltration and microabrasion

Sepehr Zarrine
Mini-implants: a viable alternative for complex clinical situations – a clinical case report

Diether Reusch and Jan Strüder
Posterior occlusal veneers in the dental practice

Sascha Hein
Case planning for the implant-borne fixed partial denture

Nikhil Sethi
Lasers in dentistry – a clinical case of tooth restoration