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From 2013

September/October 2013

Peet van der Vyver
The WaveOne reciprocating endodontic system

Marlúcio de Oliveira
Aesthetic cosmetic restoration in a case of tooth fusion in the maxillary anterior region

Mathieu Fillion and Dominique Aubazac
Roxolid®: a material for new strategies in oral implantology

Michael Dieter
Beautiful, strong and fast: the next level of posterior composite restorations

Peter Schüpbach
The peri-implant mucosa – sanguine dreams and harsh reality

Ken Hargreaves
An interview with Professor Ken Hargreaves Managing acute dental pain emergencies

Stanley F. Malamed
Modern dental pain control

July/August 2013

Didier Dietschi
Free-hand bonding: the ultimate treatment modality to enhance smiles in young patients

Albert Barroso
Placement and temporization with a Straumann® Bone Level Implant after a horizontal tooth fracture in the esthetic zone

Markus Lenhard
Placing bulk-fill composites in the creation of esthetic posterior restorations

Lira Rahman, Jacobus Hercules van den Heever, Andre W. van Zyl
The application of guided dental implant surgery in prevention of inferior alveolar nerve damage in a patient with compromised bone

Andre W. van Zyl
University of Pretoria School of Dentistry - Africa's first ITI Center of Excellence and Scholarship Center

Carine Tabarani, Raffaele Volpi, Fawzi Riachi
Guidelines for treatment of bisphosphonateinduced avascular osteochemonecrosis of the jaws: A comparative literature review and 2 case reports

Linda Greenwall
White lesion eradication using resin infiltration

May/June 2013

Eduardo Mahn
Dental Photography. Part II Protocol for shade taking and communication with the lab

Gyula Marada
Minimally invasive treatment on a stable basis

Steffen Mickenautsch, Veerasamy Yengopal
Retention loss of resin based fissure sealants - a valid predictor for clinical outcome?

Victor-Osho Oyeyemi, Isiekwe Michael, daCosta Oluranti
Bolton tooth size analysis in a sample of Nigerian adolescents

Fernando Manfroi, Yunus Sert
Harmoniously integrated

Rabih Abi Nader, Carine Tabarani
Socket preservation in the daily practice: A clinical case report

Josselin Lethuillier, Sébastien Felenc, Philippe Bousquet
Multidisciplinary treatment planning for patients with severe periodontal disease

Thett Nyunt, Katherine George, Harpal Chana, and Graham Smith
Dental rehabilitation of a six-year-old boy with a rare tumour of the mandible

March/April 2013

Navid Saberi
CBCT within endodontics: an introduction

Jürgen Manhart
The use of composite combinations in posterior teeth

Suheel Manzoor Baba, Rafi Ahmad Togoo, Shabina Shafi
Dental amalgam – environmental issues and their solution

Andres Stricker and Jonathan Fleiner
Sinus lift with Straumann® BoneCeramic: clinical treatment and histological results

Oliver Brix and Sergey Chikunov
A route to esthetics

Carine Tabarani, Fawzi Riachi, Sophie Lejeune
Intralesional biological glue, a new perspective for prevention of bisphosphonate induced osteochemonecrosis of the jaw

Steven Lewis
Redefining the gold standard

Sergej Starchiy
Achieving a synergistic effect: Rehabilitation of an edentulous patient with partially removable, implant-supported zirconium oxide bridges

Deepa B. Benni and Dhirendra Sirur
Gingival cyst of newborn: A case report

January/February 2013

Brian Lesage
Are you treating planned cases or treating teeth to stay busy?

Eduardo Mahn
Clinical digital photography. Part 1: Equipment and basic documentation

Chandur Wadhwani, Alfonso Piñeyro
Implant cementation, step by step

Ali A Razooki Al-Shekhli, Hasanain H. Al-Khfaji
Sorption and solubility of different light-activated composites

douglas A. Terry
What other biomaterial has so many uses: Flowables

Muhammed H. Abram, Andre W. van Zyl
Autogenous bone blocks and dental implant placement to reconstruct a large volume hard tissue defect following a grinding disc injury: A case report

Daniel van Steenberghe
Experts seek keys to marginal bone maintenance

From 2012

November/December 2012

Pierre Machtou
Apical seal versus coronal seal

Carine Tabarani Raffaele Volpi, Fawzi Riachi
Bisphosphonates-induced osteochemonecrosis of the jaw: A clinical and radiological presentation of evolution and prognosis

Szabolcs Hant
Veneer restorations layered onto pressed ceramic substrates

Massimo Amato, Paola Carratù, Gianrico Spagnuolo, Bruna Borelli, Roberto Sorrentino
In-office and walking bleach treatment of non-vital teeth with 10% carbamide peroxide: a 21-year retrospective evaluation

Jonathan Du Toit, Naren Patel, Victor Montalli, Sameer Jain
Aesthetic treatment of severely fluorosed teeth with prefabricated composite veneers: a case report

Daniel Edelhoff, Björn Maier, Hela Ihloff
Esthetic reconstruction of a transplanted premolar tooth

Massimo Amato, Paola Carratù, Giuseppe Pantaleo, Bruna Borelli, Roberto Sorrentino
Effects of the combined action of a desensitizing gel and toothpaste on dentin hypersensitivity due to dental bleaching

September/October 2012

Tiziano Testori
Maxillary sinus surgery: Anatomy and advanced diagnostic imaging

Michael Dieter
Closing multiple diastemata - a minimally-invasive approach

Pedro Paulo de Andrade Santos, Keila Martha Amorim Barroso, Lélia Batista de Souza, Márcia Cristina da Costa Miguel, Éricka Janine Dantas da Silveira
Odontomas: Clinicopathologic study of 104 cases and a case report of compound odontoma associated in an unerupted maxillary central incisor in a child

David L Cochran
The future is very promising for biologic materials to regenerate the periodontal tissues. An interview with Dr David Cochran

Irina K. Lutskaya, Natalia V. Novak, Valery P. Kavetsky
Fluorescence of dental hard tissue and restorative materials

July/August 2012

Dale A. Miles
The agony and ecstasy of buying cone beam technology Part 2: The Ecstasy

Andries A Grundlingh and Naren Patel
Direct composite full mouth rehabilitation in a patient with Junctional Epidermolysis bullosa: A case report

Siobhan Owen, David Reaney, Philip Newsome
The clinical-laboratory interface: occlusal records

Douglas Terry, Mark Stankewitz
Simplifying composite placement in the interproximal zone

Jan Hajtó, Stefan Frei
All- ceramic crowns on endodontically treated central incisors

Christian Coachman
Insights from an educator who is both dentist and ceramist. An interview with Dr. Christian Coachman

Hans Geiselhöringer and Stefan Holst
Screw- or Cement-Retained Restorations

Ulf Krueger-Janson
How to build up the perfect tooth

May/June 2012

Christian Coachman, Eric Van Dooren
An integrated cosmetic treatment plan: soft tissue management and metal-free restoration

Costin Marinescu
CAD/CAM restorative principles

Carine Tabarani and Fawzi Riachi
Oral lipoma revisited: A case report

Ambrose Chan
Laser technology changes dentistry and patient's experience

Manuel Neves, André Correia, Zsolt Kovacs
Rehabilitation of an atrophic maxilla with Straumann® Bone Level implants and Straumann® BoneCeramic

Eduardo Mahn, Volker Brosch
The pros and cons. A smile make-over – without any tooth preparation

Bernard Touati, Gerard Guez
Immediate implantation with provisionalization: From literature to clinical implications

Willie Fourie
Aesthetic Restoration on misaligned dental implants

March/April 2012

Robert A. Lowe
Dental cements: an overview

Dale A. Miles
The agony and ecstasy of buying cone beam technology Part 1: The Ecstasy

Giovanni Molina Lugo, Francisco Paul Curiel Aguilera, Carlos A Ramirez Schleske
Generation fifty plus: Restoring a natural smile

Trent W Smallwood
Veneers integrated with Invisalign - a contemporary restorative option

Till Dammaschke
A new bioactive cement for direct pulp capping

Frank Bröseler
Treatment of a dehiscence-type defect around a dental implant with a biodegradable membrane

Ghassan Yared
Canal preparation using one reciprocating instrument without prior hand filing: A new concept

January/February 2012

Peet van der Vyver
New clinical innovations and the benefit of magnification to ensure predictable posterior composite restorations – Part 2

Lyndon Cooper
Direct ceramic restoration using digital technologies

Julian Webber, Pierre Machtou, Wilhelm Pertot, Sergio Kuttler and John West
The WaveOne single-file reciprocating system

Hien Ngo, Kim Seow
Two compliance-free and site-specific caries control techniques: pre-fissure and proximal sealants

Laurence J. Walsh
Clinical aspects of salivary biology for the dental clinician

Pieter van Heerden
Treatment concepts for socket grafting

Justin Glastier
Temperomandibular dysfunction and systemic distress

Tejraj Kale, Shankargowda Patil, Akhilesh Verma, Sidharamesh Muttagi
Bilateral maxillary premolar impaction – reporting a rare case

From 2011

November/December 2011

Peet van der Vyver
New clinical innovations and the benefit of magnification to ensure predictable posterior composite restorations – Part 1

Corbin G. Partridge, Brent T. Garrison
Immediate full mouth restoration using implant-supported fixed hybrid prosthetics

Osvaldo Magro Filho, Heloisa Fonseca Marão, Thallita Pereira Queiroz, Pedro Ivo dos Santos Silva, Robson Henrique Reis, Sônia Regina únior
Reconstruction of the anterior wall of the frontal sinus using bovine bone matrix. Histological study

Peter K. Moy
ISQ: What is it and how to use it in implant dentistry to improve clinical outcomes

Raffaele Paragliola, Vittorio Franco, Cristiano Fabiani, Luciano Giardino, Flavio Palazzi, Nicoletta Chieffi, Hani F. Ounsi, Simone Grandini
Comparison of smear layer removal using four final-rinse protocols

September/October 2011

Daniel Edelhoff, Oliver Brix and Josef Schweiger
Restoration of teeth using lithium disilicate glass-ceramics in a patient with Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

Philipp von der Osten
Complete maxillary restoration with industrially milled custom abutments

Peet van der Vyver
The Self-Adjusting File: case reports

William H Liebenberg
Intracoronal bleaching of pulpless discolored lower incisors

Daniel Edelhoff and Oliver Brix
Restoring severely discoloured anterior teeth using minimally invasive procedures

Dominique Martin
Removal of a fractured instrument with a new extractor: clinical cases

Marcos Vargas
A step-by-step approach to a diastema closure - a dual-purpose technique that manages black triangles

Siobhan Owen, David Reaney and Philip Newsome
Finishing and polishing porcelain surfaces chairside

July/August 2011

Roberto Sorrentino, Bruna Borelli, Enrico Costagliola, Giorgio De Simone, Fernando Zarone
Treatment of oral lesions due to removable prostheses

Pär-Olov Östman
Using immediate implant placement to address aesthetic and biomechanical challenges: A clinical presentation

Andrew McDonnell and Philip Newsome
Using digital photography to enhance your practice

Douglas A. Terry, Karl F. Leinfelder, Markus B. Blatz
A comparison of advanced resin monomer technologies

Benjamin Votteler
On target with more brightness

Tony Druttman
The influence of sensor size and orientation on image quality in intra-oral periapical radiography

Arturo Martos Fosela
The fitting of five implants in the maxillary anterior sextant, using an immediate loading protocol

Karthik Venkataraghavan, Anantharaj Athimuthu, Praveen Prasanna, Prathibha Rani Shankarappa, Jaya Agali Ramachandra
Twin mesiodens in the maxillary arch causing difficulty in speech: A case report

Simone Grandini, Giulio Pavolucci, Giovanni Franciosi
Adhesive aesthetic restorations: a case report

May/June 2011

Frank YW Yung
The use of an Er:YAG laser in periodontal surgery

Fred S. Margolis
Flowable composites: Aesthetics for tots and teens

Oliver Morhofer, Bernd Kobus
A lasting connection: Esthetic implant-borne single-tooth restorations. Part 1

Oliver Morhofer, Bernd Kobus
A lasting connection: Esthetic implant-borne single-tooth restorations. Part 2

Claudio Maranhão Pereira, Maria Elvira Pizzigatti Corrêa, Patrícia Freire Gasparetto
Oral osteonecrosis induced by drugs in a multiple myeloma patient

Jason Smithson, Philip Newsome, David Reaney, Siobhan Owen
Direct or indirect restorations?

Manal Farea, Adam Husein, Cornelis H Pameijer
Endodontic perforation repair with light-cured glass ionomer

William C Martin, Emma Lewis, Dean Morton
Planning for esthetics – Part II: Adjacent implant restorations

March/April 2011

Peet van der Vyver
Creating a glide path for rotary NiTi instruments: Part one and Part two

William C Martin, Dean Morton, James D Ruskin
Planning for esthetics – Part 1: single tooth bone level implant restorations

Crispian Scully
Oral medicine for the general practitioner: red, white and coloured lesions

Pablo Fos, Leopoldo Forner, Carmen Llena, Arturo Anadón
Analysis of clarithromycin in dental pulp with and without inflammation

Gabriel Krastl
Composite resin – the material of choice

Crispian Scully
Oral medicine for the general practitioner: lumps and swellings

Stephen Phelan, Harald Heindl
Conservatively placed veneers to correct a diastema

Douglas A. Terry, John Powers, Stefan Paul
Immediate dentine sealing technique

January/February 2011

Philip Newsome, Siobhan Owen, David Reaney
Clinical quandaries: Strategies for dealing with space closure following the loss of a central incisor

Lyndon Cooper, Arnold Rosen, Ibrahim Duqum
Implant-supported overdenture options for the edentulous patient

Crispian Scully
Oral medicine for the General Practitioner: pain

Tiziano Testori
Clinical factors related to implant stability

Ronnie van Eeden, Peter van der Meulen, Wynand van der Linden
Optimum restoration of esthetics, function and phonetics with full arch maxillary and mandibular Procera® implant bridges in titanium utilising Procera® zirconia crowns

John C Schwartz
Performance esthetics from a high-strength material - the versatility of lithium disilicate

Massimo Pedrinazzi
Treatment of Edentulous Patient with Two Roxolid® Soft Tissue Level Implants

L. Stephen Buchanan
Endodontic Treatment Planning in the Fourth Dimension

George Priest
Treatment of edentulous patients with SR Phonares®

Paul Tipton
Advanced restorative techniques and the full mouth reconstruction: the use of gold copings in bridgework

From 2010

November/December 2010

Yoshitsugu Terauchi
Apical surgery on fractured roots: Case Reports

Douglas A. Terry, Markus B. Blatz
Surface treatments for tooth-colored restorations

Hani F. Ounsi, Giovanni Franciosi, Raffaele Paragliola, Cecilia Goracci, Simone Grandini
Effect of repeated use on the shaping ability of Protaper Universal rotary files

Ashish Shetty, Vinaya Kumar Ramachandra, Shubhashini Narayana Swamy, Anjali Kaiwar, Niharika Jain
Diode laser assisted management of endo-perio lesion in maxillary incisor using LANAP: A Case Report

Johan Hartshorne
Contaminated dentistry and infection control standards of care

Kazuto Makigusa
Histologic comparison of biologic width around teeth versus implants: The effect on bone preservation

Jozef Mincík, Marián Tulenko
Treatment of a crown-root fracture using a composite endodontic post

Ashley Byrne, Matt Wilde
Implant retained hybrid dentures using the CAM StructSURE® bar

September/October 2010

Peet van der Vyver
Clinical application of a new flowable base material for direct and indirect restorations

Stefen Koubi, Gérald Ubassy
Radiant, beautiful anterior teeth

Vera Mendes Soviero, Mariana Canano Séllos, Marcio Garcia dos Santos
Micro-invasive treatment of caries – expanding the therapy spectrum in modern pediatric dentistry

Annetta K.L. Tsang
Teething, teething pain and teething remedies

Ian E. Shuman
Simplifying direct composite resin restorations in the aesthetic zone

Pär-Olov Östman
A novel technique for fabrication of immediate provisional restorations

Andreas Kunz
Esthetics redefined

July/August 2010

Louis Z G Touyz, Antoni Anouf, Amirfirooz Borjian, Claudia Ferrari
Dental erosion and GORD - Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disorder

Luca Pagliani, Stefano Volpe
Localized bone regeneration with porcine bone graft: clinical and histological evidences

Steve Jones
A closer look

Sonia Bhat
Etiology of Temporomandibular disorders; the journey so far

I. Franchi, M. Franchi, S. Bortolini, U.Consolo, L. Chau
In vivo measurement of colour changes in 1600 natural teeth with Pola Office+: Spectrophotometric shade analysis

Sudha Patil, Karthik Venkataraghavan, A. Anantharaj, Shankargouda Patil
Comparison of two commercially available toothpastes on the salivary streptococcus mutans count in urban preschool children - an in vivo study

Thorsten Michel
A new generation of denture teeth. The perfect route to aesthetic and functional dentures

May/June 2010

Daniel Buser, Bruno Schmid, Urs C. Belser, David L. Cochran
The new bone level implants – clinical rationale for the development and current indications for daily practice

Franklin Garcia-Godoy, Marco Ferrari
Clinical trial of fiber posts luted with a self-adhesive cement

Richard E. Mounce
Blended endodontic elegance and simplicity: the single twisted file preparation and matching realseal one obturator

Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya
BioManagement Complex™ - the basis for predictable esthetic transitional contour

Graham J Mount
Minimal intervention dentistry: cavity classification & preparation

Roberto M Yoshida Jr
Meeting challenges successfully with esthetic posterior restorations

Gaetano Calesini, Roberto Canalis, Costanza Micarelli, Agostino Scipioni
A simplified approach to obtain high precision one-piece cast frameworks on telescopic coupling: a SEM study

Christian Coachman, Marcelo Calamita
The reconstruction of pink and white esthetics

March/April 2010

Galip Gürel
Predictable and precise tooth preparation techniques for porcelain laminate veneers in complex cases

Deepak Mehta, Rohit Shetty
Bonding to Zirconia: elucidating the confusion

Carlos de Gracia
Harmonizing esthetics and expectations Anterior esthetic restorations with lithium

David Klaff
Achieving the predictable composite resin restoration: the nature of colour

January/February 2010

Laurence J. Walsh
The effects of GC Tooth Mousse on cervical dentinal sensitivity: a controlled clinical trial

Alessandro Vichi, Cecilia Goracci, Marco Ferrari
Clinical study of the self-adhering flowable composite resin Vertise Flow in Class I restorations: six-month follow-up

Linda Greenwall
Treatment options for peg-shaped laterals using direct composite bonding

Johann Lochner, Andy Effting
Case Report on the use of a bone level implant to replace a congenitally absent lateral incisor

Philip Newsome, Siobhan Owen, David Reaney
The dentist’s role in the prevention of sports-related oro-facial injuries

Mauro Donati
Long-term follow-up of an immediate functional loading implant in a single-tooth replacement

Stefen Koubi, Hilal Kuday
When esthetics matter

From 2009

November/December 2009

Laurence J. Walsh
Contemporary technologies for remineralization therapies: A review

Matheus Melo Pithon
Bonding of An Orthodontic Tube to Provisional Prosthetic Crowns: A Technical Procedure

Vincent G. Kokich, David P. Mathews and Frank M. Spear
Inheriting the unhappy patient: an interdisciplinary case report

Philip Newsome and Siobhan Owen
Improving your margins

Paul van Zyl and Gerrit Wyma
Case Report on the use of Bone Level Implants in an Esthetically demanding case

Claudia Mazzitelli, Francesca Monticelli
Evaluation of the push-out bond strength of self-adhesive resin cements to fiber posts

September/October 2009

Christiaan Vorster and André W. van Zyl
Prosthodontic treatment considerations and management of a frail 87-year old patient

Elisa Magni, Reinhard Hickel, Nicoleta Ilie
Influence of gasiform ozone on the micromechanical properties of dentin

Shoji Sasaki
Balance between dental soft tissue and restoration

Martina Giovannetti, Alessio Casucci, Daniele Casucci, Claudia Mazzitelli, Andrea Borracchini
Phonetic analysis and maxillary anterior tooth position: a pilot study on preliminary outcomes

Pedro Paeulo d Andrade Santos, Déborah Pitta Paraíso Iglesias, Betania Fachetti Ribeiro, Ana Miryam Costa de Medeiros, Roseana de Almeida Freitas, Lélia Batista de Souza
Craniofacial and Dental Manifestations in Dubowitz Syndrome – Case report

Markus Lenhard
Large composite restorations in the posterior region

July/August 2009

Clifford J. Ruddle
Hydrodynamic Disinfection
'Tsunami' Endodontics

Alessandro Devigus
An integrated approach to cementation

Sobia Zafar, Soraya Yasin Harnekar, Allauddin Siddiqi
Early childhood caries: etiology, clinical considerations, consequences and management

Marco Ferrari, Ivanovic Coniglio, Elisa Magni, Maria Crysanti Cagidiaco
XP BOND in self-cure mode used for luting porcelain restorations: 3 year recall

Mats Hallman
Long-term esthetic results with Straumann® BoneCeramic

Fred S. Margolis
The 'Painless Injection: An Oxymoron?'

Sidney Kina and Shigeo Kataoka
Achieving aesthetic diastema closure

Steven P. Weinstein
Tooth loss due to eating disorders and the role of the dental professional

May/June 2009

Frank Spear
The role of temporisation in interdisciplinary periodontal and orthodontic treatment

Hani F Ounsi, Ziad Salameh, Moustafa N.Aboushelib, Simone Grandini
Push-out bond strength of FRC posts using conventional and wet-ethanol bonding systems: an ex-vivo study

Brian LeSage, Frank Milnar, Jenifer Wohlberg
Achieving the Epitome of Composite Art: Creating natural tooth esthetics, texture, and anatomy using appropriate preparation and layering techniques

Eric B Lowenhaupt
Compromised nonsurgical treatment of a patient with a severe Class III malocclusion

Jürgen Pleul
Use of regeneration material in the treatment of periodontitis and for recession cover

Sandro Pradella
Cementation - a decisive factor

March/April 2009

Lyndon Cooper
Dental implant esthetics

Ramón Garcia Adamez
Aesthetic restoration of posterior dentition

Johnny Fearon
Tooth whitening: concepts and controversies

Hani F. Ounsi, Dina Debaybo, Ziad Salameh, Anis Chebaro, Hassan Bassam
Endodontic considerations in pediatric dentistry: a clinical perspective

Rahul Doshi and Ashish B Parmar
Laser dentistry in general practice

Geert Stoker
Immediate loading of two implants with a mandibular implant-retained overdenture - an innovative treatment protocol

January/February 2009

Marco Ferrari, Maria Crysanti Cagidiaco, Alessandro Vichi, Cecilia Goracci
Efficacy of the Computer-Controlled Injection System STATM, Ligmaject, and dental syringe for intraligamentary anesthesia in restorative patients

Steffen Mickenautsch
Adopting minimum intervention in dentistry: Diffusion, bias and the role
of scientific evidence

Thomas Bottler and Cornelia Helbling
Treatment of a post-traumatic alveolar defect

Elisa Magni, Ivanovic Coniglio, Ivana Radovic, Cecilia Goracci, Nicoleta Ilie, Reinhard Hickel, Maria Crysanti Cagidiaco
Effect of diagnostic method and operator's experience on the detection of occlusal caries in posterior permanent teeth: an in vivo pilot study

Daniel Leibar and Jean-Sébastien Renaud
Meeting modern demands with computer-guided surgery for the treatment of Mandibular edentulism

Mariam Margvelashvili, Milos Beloica, Carlos Augusto Carvalho, Federica Papacchini, Amerigo Cantoro, Cecilia Goracci
Bonding Potential of All-in-One Adhesives to Ground Enamel

Alena Knezevic, Zrinka Tarle, Mira Ristic, Visnja Negovetic Mandic,­ Svetozar Music
Influence of polymerization device tube width on the degree of conversion of composites: A pilot study


From 2008

November/December 2008

Hien Ngo
Minimal intervention: how to treat the advanced lesions

Pier Francesco Porciani, Ivanovic Coniglio, Elisa Magni, Simone Grandini
Fiber post fitting to canal anatomy: a review of the morphology and shape of root canal system

Massimo Ciocco
Replacement of an upper central incisor with a Bone Level implant and GBR technique

Sobia Zafar, Soraya Yasin-Harnekar, Allauddin Siddiqi, Fareeha Naz
Oral health status of Paediatric Cardiac Patients: a case-control study

Jorge Vera, Martin Trope, Frederic Barnett and Kenneth S Serota
Endodontic management of the endodontic-periodontal lesion

Letizia Perillo, Giuseppe Signoriello, Fabrizia Ferro, Tiziano Baccetti, Caterina Masucci, Davide Apicella, Roberto Sorrentino, Ciro Gallo
Dental occlusion and body posture in growing subjects. A population-based study in 12-year- old Italian adolescents

September/October 2008

Jose Roberta Moura Jr
Operating microscopes in restorative dentistry: The pursuit of excellence

Milos Beloica, Carlos Augusto Ramos Carvalho, Ivana Radovic, Mariam Margvelashvili, Cecilia Goracci, Zoran R. Vulicevic, Marco Ferrari
Efficacy of all-in-one adhesive systems on unground enamel

Robert Nieberler
Esthetic single tooth replacement with a Bone Level Implant

Anna Mariniello, Fabio Cozzolino
Lingual active retainers to achieve teeth levelling in orthodontics: case series

Philip RH Newsome and Linda H Greenwall
Alternatives to indirect ceramic veneers

Frank Spear
Material selection, tooth reduction and margin placement for anterior indirect aesthetic restorations

Carlo di Paolo, Fabrizia Ferro, Gloria Funiciello, Giancarlo De Felice, Davide Apicella, Roberto Sorrentino, Letizia Perillo
Effects of temporomandibular disorders treatment on cervical pain: a clinico-descriptive investigation


July/August 2008

Jay Lerner
A Systematic Approach To Full-Mouth Reconstruction Of The Severely Worn Dentition

Marco Ferrari, Ivanovic Coniglio, Elisa Magni,
Maria Crysanti Cagidiaco

Xp Bond In Self-Cure Mode Used For Luting Porcelain Restorations: 2-Year Recall

Juan Blanco
Considering The Biological Distance In Preserving Crestal Bone For Esthetic Results

Richard Schwartz
The Role Of The Restorative Dentist In The Success Or Failure Of Endodontics

Roberto Sorrentino, Alessandro Quaranta, Ranieri Martuscelli, Fernando Zarone
Single Tooth Implant Restoration In The Esthetic Zone With Immediate Provisionalization: A Clinical Report.

Lee Culp & Ed Mclaren
The Evolution Of Digital Dentistry And The Digital Dental Team

Tony Aherne & Stuart Aherne
Zirconia Abutment For The Single Tooth Implant


May/June 2008

Philip Newsome and Siobhan Owen
Ceramic veneers in general dental practice. Part Three: Clinical procedures

Philip Newsome and Siobhan Owen
Ceramic veneers in general dental practice. Part four: Clinical procedures

Robert Levine, Zola Makrauer and Robert Burns
Case study: Straumann SLActive and immediate loading

Basil Mizrahi
Restoration of a single central incisor with an all-ceramic crown: A case report

Letizia Perillo, Fabrizia Ferro, Davide Apicella, Roberto Sorrentino, Enrico Gherlone, Antonio Apicella
Effect of plasma and halogen light-curing units on shrinkage stress phenomena

Rebeca Lima Afonso, Renato Herman Sundfeld, Maria Lúcia Marçal Mazza Sundefeld, Luiz André Freire Pimenta, André Luiz Fraga Briso
Evaluation of the dentin-resin modified glass-ionomer bonding interface after different cavity preparations and dentin treatments.

Nicolas Cheleux
Innovations in the fiber post field: The “chameleon” post

Edwin Scher
Life threatening consequences due to implant placement in the mandible


March/April 2008

Nika Vafaei, Carlo Ferretti
Coronectomy: an alternative therapy for the symptomatic, impacted third molar, report of 9 cases

Andres Stricker
Sinus Floor Augmentation with Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)

Yusuf Jadwat, Archie Buskin and Liviu Feller
Patient compliance levels attained with supportive Periodontal Therapy over a five-year period in a periodontal private practice in Johannesburg, South Africa

Silvio José Mauro, Renato Herman Sundfeld, Ana Karina Barbieri Bedran-Russo, André Luiz Fraga Briso
Bond strength of resin-modified glass ionomer to dentin: the effect of dentin surface treatment

Laurence J Walsh and Annetta KL Tsang
Chairside testing for cariogenic bacteria: current concepts and clinical strategies

Nicolas Cheleux
The Ellipson concept: an ultrasonic canal preparation combined with an oval fiber post

Horst Koinig
Computer Aided Overpress - a simple process


January/February 2008

Shiri Glick and Martin Kelleher
Implants and complications of cervical root resorption - a case report

Ziad Salameh, Esam Tashkandi, Hani F. Ounsi, Moustafa N.Aboushelib, Ridwaan Omar
Fracture resistance and failure pattern of endodontically-treated maxillary premolars restored with fiber-reinforced and cast posts and cores

Siebold A, Stephen LXG, Gericke G and Kotze MJ
Genetic testing in the management of periodontal diseases

Laurence J. Walsh
IA System for Total Environmental Management (STEM) of the oral cavity, and its application to dental caries control

Philippe P. Beuret
Replacement of an upper central incisor with high esthetic expectations

Linda Greenwall
Single vital tooth whitening

Gregori Kurtzman and Lee Silverstein
Dental implants: oral hygiene and maintenance

Philip Newsome and Siobhan Owen
Ceramic veneers in general dental practice. Part 1: Treatment planning


From 2007

November/December 2007

Basil Mizrahi
Porcelain veneers: techniques and precautions

Van B. Haywood
Bleaching and caries control in elderly patients

Paolo Casentini
Immediate temporization after immediate implantation combined with a GBR procedure

Douglas Terry
Intracoronal restorations - Part one and Part two

J. Martin Palomo, Chung How Kau, Leena Bahl, Mark G. Hans
Three-Dimensional Cone Beam Computerized Tomography in Dentistry

Lawrence Stephen, Sean Sellars, Peter Beighton
Dentistry in profound childhood deafness in South Africa

Pär-Olov Östman
Placement of a Short Length Implant in the Maxillary
Posterior Region to avoid a Sinus Lift

Ronnie van Eeden, Peter van der Meulen, Wynand van der Linden
Ronnie van Eeden, Peter van der Meulen, Wynand van der Linden

Roy Davies
True-to-life denture aesthetics


September/October 2007

Raghad Hmud and Laurence J. Walsh
Dental anxiety: causes, complications and management approaches

Charlotte Stilwell
The RPD redemption: renaissance of the removable partial denture

Allaudin Siddiqi, Jean A Morkel, Lawrence Stephen, Mohamed Moola
Occupational Blood Exposures at a Dental Faculty: A three year review

Gerard J. Chiche
Aesthetic previews for gingival alterations

Laurence J. Walsh
Dry mouth: a clinical problem for children and young adults

Wolfgang Trumm, Thomas Reul
Replacement of two congenitally missing upper canines with Straumann Standard Plus Regular Neck implants

Tiziana Doldo, Antonio Costa, Valeria Vessio,
Antonio Fazzari

Evaluation of bone thickness for inserting mini-screws in inter-radicular sites


July/August 2007

Elisa Magni, Ivana Radovic, Ivanovic Coniglio, Federica Papacchini, Claudia Mazzitelli
Bonding of self-etching adhesive/flowable composite combinations to enamel and dentin: a microtensile bond strength evaluation

Laurence J. Walsh
Clinical aspects of salivary biology for the dental clinician

Marco Ferrari, Ivanovic Coniglio, Elisa Magni, Maria Crysanti Cagidiaco
XP Bond in self-cure mode used for luting porcelain restorations: 1-year recall

Janusz Greschak
Early loading on Straumann® SLActive implants – augmentation with Straumann® BoneCeramic

Tony Beale
The essential elements of impression tray design

Nir Sterer, Liat Shavit, Mordechai Lipovetsky, Orit Haramaty, Daniel Ziskind

Effect of Chemomechanical Excavation (CarisolvTM) on Residual Cariogenic Bacteria

Wendy Jansen van Vuuren, Ludwig Jansen van Vuuren, Ronnie van Eeden

Esthetic and Practical Method Using Glass Composite Veneering Material to Fabricate Artificial Soft Tissue on Full Arch Titanium Implant Bridges

Paul J. Cascone

Selecting Alloys for Implant Applications


May/June 2007

Patrick Henry, Jill Depiazzi, Glen Liddelow, Brent Allan, David Dunn
Utilisation of computer based guided surgery in the management of partial edentulism

Carlos Augusto Ramos Carvalho, Ticiane Cestari Fagundes, Terezinha Jesus Esteves Barata, Marco Ferrari, Maria Fidela Lima Navarro

Influence of ultrasonic setting on microhardness of glass-ionomer cements

Ashraf S. Qasim, Abdul-Haq A. Suliman

Evaluation of Chemomechanical Caries Removal (Carisolvtm) Using the Vickers Hardness Test: "An In Vitro Study"

Lester Du Preez, Kurt-W Butow, Wilfried Benninghoff
A comparison of three different implant systems in the same patient

Gerard Chiche
Preview techniques for planning aesthetic restorations: Part 1

Andrea Fabianelli, Carel L. Davidson, Sarah Pollington, Maria Chrysanti Cagidiaco,
Cecilia Goracci

The relevance of micro-leakage studies

Husamettin Gunay
Tooth preparation using guide pin instruments and the biological width

Jeffrey A. Sherman
Implant Exposure Using Radiosurgery

March/April 2007

Raj Wadhwani
Lasers in dentistry - an introduction to new technology

Christoph Schadle, Werner Grosshans
Replacement of an upper left lateral incisor with a Standard Plus Implant, Narrow Neck

Douglas A Terry and Ronit Antebi-Hadar
The adhesive class IV design: minimal preparation and biomodification

Claudia Mazzitelli, Elisa Magni, Ivana Radovic, Federica Papacchini, Cecilia Goracci, Marco Ferrari
The adhesion between FRC posts and resin core materials following different treatments of the post surface

Luc And Patrick Rutten
Fabricating custom abutments

Alessandro Vichi, Gabriele Corciolani, Carel Leon Davidson, Marco Ferrari
Color and opacity variations in three different resin-based composite products after UV aging

View from the bench


January/February 2007

Simone Grandini, Aniello Mollo
Endodontic Treatment: The Prerequisite for the placement of Fiber Posts

Daniel Buser
The ITI Treatment Guide – A compendium for implant therapy techniques in daily practice

Galip Gurel
Predictable and precise tooth preparation techniques for porcelain laminate veneers in complex cases

Pier Francesco Porciani, Simone Grandini, Federica Papacchini, Cecilia Goracci, Marco Ferrari
The fit of two fiber posts into the root canal space enlarged with rotary NiTi files at four different levels

Giovanni Fazi, Alessandro Vichi, Marco Ferrari
Influence of four different cements on the colour of zirconia structures of varying ceramic thickness

Karen Ward
Airborne contamination in dentistry


From 2006

November/December 2006

Pen Hui Tan
The root resection of an endodontic-periodontal lesion

Ann Wennerberg, Tomas Albrektsson
Implant Surfaces beyond Micron Roughness. Experimental and Clinical Knowledge of Surface Topography and Surface Chemistry

Ying-jie Wang, Ling Zhang, Nicoletta Chieffi, Ji-hua Chen, Marco Ferrari
Combination of sandblasting and silanization on the bond strength between fiber post and resin cement

Farhad E. Boltchi, Thomas Ding, Jeff Singler
Immediate replacement of deciduous upper lateral incisors with Standard Plus Implants, Narrow Neck

Ling Zhang, Ying-jie Wang, Ivana Radovic, Nicoletta Chieffi, Ji-hua Chen, Marco Ferrari
Adhesion of two dual-cure core resins to silica fiber posts treated with different bonding agents

Saad A. Al-Harbi
Implant Supported Milled Bar Mandibular Overdenture with Locator Attachments: Clinical considerations and laboratory techniques

Continuing Education
Continuing Education in the 21st Century: The virtual faculty and university

September/October 2006

Clive Waterman
Enamel matrix protein in the treatment of recession defects

Douglas A. Terry, Karl F. Leinfelder, Ernesto A. Lee, Alejandro James
The Impression: A Blueprint to Restorative Success

Marco Simonetti, Ivanovic Coniglio, Elisa Magni, Maria Crysanti Cagidiaco, Marco Ferrari
Sealing ability and microscopic aspects of a self-adhesive resin cement used for fiber post luting into root canals

Laurence J. Walsh
Dental plaque fermentation and its role in caries risk assessment

Hasanen H. Al-khafagy
A three dimensional finite element analysis of the effect of cortical bone thickness on the stress distribution around single-unit osseointegrated implants

George Freedman
Simplified predictable sterilization

Gabriele Corciolani, Alessandro Vichi
Repeatability of colour reading with a clinical and a laboratory spectrophotometer

Daniel Edelhoff, Andreas Rübben
Build-up of endodontically treated teeth. New routes with fibre-reinforced posts

Guy Rigby
Perfect Partners


July/August 2006

Bernard Touati, Eric Rompen, Eric van Dooren
A new concept for optimizing soft tissue integration

Douglas A. Terry, Karl F. Leinfelder
Development of a Processed Composite Resin Restoration: Preparation and Laboratory Fabrication, Part One

Andrea Gesi, Cecilia Goracci, Stefania Geppi, Maria Crysanti Cagidiaco, Marco Ferrari
Fracture resistance and SEM observations of Fibrefill

Scott Rimmer
Modern dental ceramics: an overview

Douglas A. Terry, Karl F. Leinfelder
Development of a Processed Composite Restoration:
Adhesive and Finishing Protocol, Part II

Marco Ferrari, Francesca Monticelli, Alvaro H Cury, Federica Papacchini, Nicoletta Chieffi, Cecilia Goracci
Efficacy of a combined silica/methacrylate coupling on the fiber post bonding to
composite cores


May/June 2006

Sema Belli & GŸrcan Eskitascioglu
Biomechanical Properties and Clinical use of a Polyethylene Fibre Post-core Material

Pierre Machtou
Apical Seal versus Coronal Seal

Fernando Zarone Et Al
Acid Etching Surface Treatment of Feldspathic, Alumina and Zirconia Ceramics: A Micro-morphological Sem Analysis

Maurizio Sedda Et Al
Influence of the Polymerization Cycle on the Flexural Strength of Four Different Pmma-based Heatpolymerized Denture Base Resins

Daniele Rondoni
The Course of Time in Dental Morphology


March/April 2006

Andre P Saadoun & Guy Morioussef
Peri-implant Soft Tissue Recessions: Prevention and Treatment: A Review

Pekka Vallittu
Fibre-reinforced Composites in Root Canal Anchoring

Nicoletta Chieffi
The Effect of adding an Antibacterial Monomer on the Bond Quality of a Luting Cementation System

Mario Veltri
Resonance Frequency Measurements of Osseointegrated Implants in fully edentulous jaws after one year of loading

Jurgen Manhart
Core build-up using a Dual-curing Composite and Ceramic Restoration

Luca Cordaro & Paolo Giovannini
Immediate Loading of Implants for the Replacement of a Maxillary Dentition


January/February 2006

William Liebenberg
Return to the Resin-modified Glass Ionomer Cement Sandwich Technique

Federica Papacchini, Fabricio L.A. De Castro, Cecilia Goracci, Talita N. Sardella, Franklin R. Tay, Antonella Polimeni, Marco Ferrari, Ricardo M. Carvalho
An Investigation of the Contribution of Silane to the Composite Repair Strength over time using a Double-sidedmicrotensiletest

Tiziana Giovannone, Federico Foschi, Cesare Nucci, Marco Ferrari, Livio Gallottini
Sem Evaluation Of Root Canal Walls After Hybrid Preparation With Niti Rotary Instruments And Four Different Irrigation Techniques

Makoto Shiota
Replacement of the Upper Right Central Incisor with a Tapered Effect Implant


Articles From 2005

January/February 2005

Marco Ferrari, Simone Grandini, Cecilia Goracci, Francesca Monticelli, Junji Tagami

Resistance and Structural Integrity of Fiber Posts: Three-point Bendingtest and Sem Evaluation


May/June 2005

Paul Abbot
Assessing Restored Teeth with Pulp and Periapical Diseases for the Presence of Cracks, Caries and Marginal Breakdown


July/August 2005

Bernard Touati
Prosthetic Rehabilitation with Digital-ceramic Restorations

Ingar Nordahl, Orlando J Fugaro, Bruce A Matis, Ivar A Mjor,Jessica O Fugaro
Pulp Reaction to Vital Bleaching

Douglas Terry
Enhanced Resilience and Aesthetics in a Class IV Restoration

Stephan Domschke
Artegral¨ Imcrown Prefabricated Tooth-blank For The Inlab System


September/October 2005

Shimon Friedman & Chaim Mor
The Success of Endodontic Therapy - Healing and Functionality

Tissiana Bortolotto et al
Marginal Adaptation of Contemporary Dentin Bonding Agents in Enamel and Dentin under the Simulation of Dentinal Fluid


November/December 2005

Dr Stanley Malamed
The Ins and Outs of Anaesthesia

Bernard Touati
The Integration of Form and position in Ceramic Restorations for Improved Aesthetics

Linda Greenwall
Bleaching and Simple Aesthetic Dentistry

George Kirtley
Arch Length Redundancy - An Aesthetic Challenge

Fernand Tranchesi Sadek, Ceclia Goracci, Paulo Eduardo, Capel Cardoso, Franklin R Tay, Marco Ferrari
Comparative Study of a Filled and an Unfilled Version of a Dentin Bonding System to Dental Hard Tissues



Image 2Clinical
Peter Fairbairn and Sharon Stern
Multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of traumatic root fracture: a case study
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Image 2Clinical
Eduardo Mahn and Christian Coachman
Smile design with composites: a case study
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Image 2Clinical
V Banu, Sham Kishor Kanneppady, R. L Anusha
Mucocele of the glands of Blandin–Nuhn
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An interview with Dr. Paul Fugazzotto
"Roxolid® is one of the most significant advances in the last 20 years"
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Image 2Clinical
Peet van der Vyver and Farzana Paleker
Clinical management of complex mandibular first molars with CBCT, ProTaper Next and GuttaCore
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